Wednesday, August 1, 2007



~Read a story in Language entitled "Jesus Our Example" He began completing questions about the story.
~Began Self Test 2 in his Math 501 lifepac book.
~Completed pages 7 - 9 in History 501 lifepac. He's learning about conquistadors, Ponce de Leon etc..
~Completed pages 25 - 26 in his Cursive Handwriting book.


~Completed pages 1-3 in his Language book. (vowels, capital and lowercase recognition)
~Completed pages 1-5 in his Math 110 lifepac book. Counting to 100, Rounding Numbers, Telling Time.
~Completed pages 12 - 17 in his History 201 lifepac book.
~Watched the Discovery Channel Shark documentary.
~Completed pages 25 - 26 in his Cursive Handwriting book.

Daxx and Kole

~Looked at a book about planets, looked at a picture of the earht and drew it.
~Watched Sesame Street, Dora and Diego.

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