Thursday, August 9, 2007

AUGUST 9 2007




You will make a 5 - 10 minute video. You must use the Map of Michigan that you've made as a backdrop while you give the weather forecast for the weekend. You must have at least one commercial between forecasting. The commercial can be for a real object or a fictional object that you make up.

~ Completed pp. 31 - 32 in cursive handwriting book.

~ Completed Map of Michigan on a poster board. Label major places in Michigan. This will be used as the backdrop for your video.

a. Complete the "How Windy Is It" Science Tool: Use it to fill out the Weather Log.

b. Begin Weather Log Chart and Temperature Recording Chart: Log the weather for 5 days and temperature for 3 days.

~ Completed multiplication worksheet. Write problems on separate sheet of paper. Work them out. Concentrate on neatness.

~ Read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 1 hour.


Today Vinze did fine with writing for the most part but I could tell it was going to be one of "those" days when he began questioning the second page. I made the mistake of saying that today we were going to work on "reading directions by yourself" to see if you can do it. I picked today because the work was self explanatory but...he went into a crying I explained it. I wish I knew if this was for real or if he is just needing some attention or is scared to try new things. Maybe it's a little of both. I know Brise didn't want to try things if he thought he'd get it wrong so maybe that's what is going on here. Anyway...

~ Completed pp. 31 - 32 in cursive handwriting book.

~ Completed pp. 16 and 17 (North, South, East and West) and page 18 (graphing) in Math lifepac 110.

~ Completed p. 20 Writing plural forms of words. (Goose/Geese Fox/Foxes Pony/Ponies) and he completed p. 21 Identifying alike sentences.


~ Watched Caillou: Sharing, Dealing w/ disappointment

~ Took them to the park with Brise and Vinze while Kazz tested for Level 1 of the road test. They climbed, ran, slid...all the park things.

~ I blew up some balloons and they ran around the house hitting them and popping them one after another.

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