Wednesday, October 24, 2007



They showed us how to make glass objects by heating the glass/sand etc.

They made some things before our eyes.
The video is of a horse being made but I couldn't zoom so it can't be seen very well.

There were beautiful glass objects that were created in the shop just sitting around to be knocked over. It was quite nerve racking for mom's with littles.
This is the freight elevator that we used to get to the glass shop.
Brise and Vinze were loving it. Vinnie got to go with us because he was lucky
enough to have an allergic reaction to whatever today and be sent home from school
for fear that he was contagious! Whoo hoo...

Here is a picture of the boys (to the left) watching as the man gives the kids a lesson about glass making. Please pretend you do not see the other kids as we are homeschoolers and opposed to socialization..cough, cough

As we were waiting to get on the Freight Elevator to leave we were surprised to see that the "people" getting off the elevator was actually a man on a motorcycle!

That concludes our to Pizza Hut to redeem Brisan's Book-It coupon for a free pizza!

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