Friday, January 18, 2008

JANUARY 18TH, 2008

Over the past week Brise and Vinze
have watched Crashbox episodes 37 thru 40.

8:00 Up ~
Take Dogs Outside for 45 minutes. Kazz, first 15 minutes,
Brise get food and water,
Vinze second 15 minutes, Brise 3rd 15 minutes.
Kazz shower after his dog duty, Brise shower after Kazz,
Vinze shower after breakfast.


VINZE: Handwriting pp. 45 - 46

11:00 MATH:

VINZE: Subtraction Math Worksheet

VINZE: Watched Crashbox educational television.

He had a Madeleine over for the rest of the afternoon. They loved the Crashbox shows and I love On Demand Television! Topics: The heart, Math, Vocabulary words and other stuff. LOL

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