Monday, January 28, 2008

JANUARY 28TH, 2008


BRISAN: Spelling Workbook finish p. 15 and do page 16

Handwriting pp. 77 - 78

Wrote a poem using some of his spelling words

"Instead of a poem,
a humble fish song,
the bear at the lake,
threw in a big bomb,
it blew up the forest,
fish fell from the sky,
we ate little bits,
and made the fish cry"


Reading: Read, "Mark is too Busy"

Answered questions about story and wrote vocabulary words 3 times each.

Math: Completed 10 subtraction problems. These were the first 3 digit problems that he has done where he had to borrow.

Handwriting: Completed pp. 51 - 52

Began His Weekly Review Work Packet:

Added money, Answered Science Questions, Looked up words in a dictionary and matched them to the definition.

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