Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MARCH 11 and 12, 2008

YESTERDAY our family went with our homeschool group to the
Morley Candy Company on a Field Trip. That say the least.
The receptionist was not nice at all, the tour guide was rather short with her answers
and rushed, the movie was SNORE. It ended with a piece of candy as we walked through
their candy shop. The tour was free but I paid $27.00 to buy a cake, ice cream and some hot
fudge. All in all...the cake was good, that's about all. The boys learned where chocolate
comes from and saw the factory through a window. Hopefully they learned something useful.

TODAY... We had Breakfast at Danika's!


Begin Amercian Revolution Theme
(This will take a week or so)

Watch This lesson and This lesson.

Lesson 1: American Revolution quiz 10/10
Lesson 2: Causes of the American Revolution Quiz 10/10

HANDWRITING: pp. 85 - 86


Watched American Revolution lessons with Brisan.

HANDWRITING: pp. 71 - 72

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