Friday, April 25, 2008

APRIL 25TH, 2008

Since our last post, these are the things I can remember or see that the kids have accomplished.


Math, Language, History, Science pages in his 5th grade math workbooks.

Writing: Continuing with the cursive writing series. He's moving into
writing stories and putting thought on paper.

He's been playing World of Warcraft. He's learned strategy and
communication skills. He's typing better.


Handwriting pp. 97 -8
Write a letter to someone

Math: adding/subtraction worksheets (carrying and borrowing)
Began working with fractions and pre-division information (grouping)

Completed Knights of the Kitchen Table book and began The Not So Jolly Roger

Language worksheets: Pick the correct analogy, put the words on the correct
dictionary page, Draw lines of symmetry, Reading comprehension stories and questions,
Looked up words in the dictionary, write plural forms of words, Find verbs in the sentences,
Put words in alphabetical order

Arts: Vinze was given a brand new guitar. He began taking lessons and loves it. He's had
two classes so far.

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