Monday, November 24, 2008


This week the Vinze, Daxx and Kole began gymnastics. They will attend classes every Monday.

Vinze and Kole had a Dentist appointment to fill their cavities on Tuesday.

We started going to Awana Church Services on Wednesday with Vinze, Daxx, Kole and Brise. Brise hated it so he will be sitting upstairs with Brian and I while the kids attend class.

Thursday we had a regular school day.

1. Vinze and Brise completed chapter one in the Michigan Stories text book. They began writing the chapter questions in their notebooks and answering them.

2. I began reading the book of Matthew to them.

3. Brise and Vinze began using the Stein's Refresher Mathematics to build their math skills. I am excited about this book. I know, that's weird because I don't care for text books but this one begins with the History of counting and goes up from there. It is carefully calculated to start from the most basic...counting map reading...geometry...statistics and managing money! (sigh...God loves me. What a wonderful find.)

Today I read the history of counting and place values to the boys.

4. Brise and Vinze are forced to cooperate because they must use the same text book for the Michigan History and Math portions of our day. They started rocky and ended in harmony.

5. DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS: Today Vinze and Brise chose the chapter about
"The 7 Wonders of the ANCIENT World."
They watched a docurmentary about the Seven Wonders also.

Brise wants to build a pyramid out of sugar cubes and write in hieroglyphics.
Vinze wants to make brick from mud and also make a replica head of the Colossus of Rhodes to hang in his room.


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