Monday, August 6, 2007

AUGUST 6 2007


sing it with me now..

"Mondaaayy, la...a cruddy daayyy todaaayy."

Today ugh!

Nobody wants to listen to mom. I've had to raise my voice; which I do not like to do. Daxx is in time out for stomping and yelling and refusing to listen to me. Brise doesn't want to read and keeps checking the clock. Vinze decided to pretend not to know how to write today. He does this type of thing when the house is rocking with redirection. Anyway, it's not our usual homeschool day but I'm hoping that after lunch we'll begin anew and the day will finish with laughs, hugs and smiles...(never hurts to hope! LOL)


~ Read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He will read this book and then watch the movie and describe the differences in a written paper.
~ Multiplication problems. Keep working on neatness.
~ Cursive Handwiting pages 29 - 30


~Language pp. 16

Write a sentence using each of the following words..
Re-write to fix spelling and handwriting mistakes.



Sentences he wrote:

The happy baby was swinging on the swing.

The sky has clouds and God is on the clouds.

(Isn't he cute!)

~ Math lifepac 110 p. 12
pyramid, sphere, cone, circle, sphere, rectangle, cylinder, cube, triangle, square
p. 13 fractions and time

Daxx and Kole

~ LeapPad Phonics Program Lesson 1: letters and letter sounds
~ Watch LeapPad DVD: Letter Factory
~ Played in water sprinkler
~ Rode Tricycles

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